The Communicator February 2017

Pauline Taylor —  January 26, 2017

The Communicator

Volume 23 Issue 2                                February 2017


The Pastor’s Corner

The Psalmist speaks about time for the human family in 90:12:

“Teach us to number our days aright, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

The focus of worship for February will look at some of the concepts of time from the Bible, I pray that we will indeed gain hearts of wisdom.

February 5       “To the very end of the age”.       Matthew 28: 19-20

February 12 Today as the day of faithfulness.       Hebrews 3: 7-11

February 19     Today as the day of foolishness.     James 4: 13-17

February 26     The terror of tomorrow. Isaiah 22:13; 1 Corinthians 15: 29-32

On a personal note about my health:

I am getting better. I am stronger, mostly clear headed, and eager to resume my schedule. The medical advice to me is to continue to work but to go slow in recovery, listening to my body and being respectful of what my brain and body say to me about strength and stamina. This is a pretty tough discipline for me out of how I have worked and lived all of my life. Your concern and prayers have meant so much. There are things I feel God desires for me to accomplish here. Thank you for your prayers.


Wonderful Wednesday Dinners

February 1

Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich

Potato Cakes




February 8

Mission Barbecue


Green  Beans



February 15





February 24

Burger King Whopper




February Folks

2          Elayne Kriezenski

7          Donna Cooke

8          Faye Silvestre

12        Jeffrey Braun

13        RuthWilson

19        Jackie Narron

20        Kat Thompson

25        Marvin Thorpe

25        Cecil Chambers

25        Shannon Andrews

27        Marge Perkins


Church Tour

Thursday February 9

Civil War Museum

Exhibits cover all aspects of the war including north and south, free and slave, and soldier and civilian. The admission fee for seniors is $8.50.

The museum is located at the site of Tredegar Iron Works. The headquarters of the Richmond National Battlefield Park is on this site. We visit these places as well as the museum.

Parking is free about a block from the museum. After we visit the museums we will have lunch at Joe’s Inn in the fan. We’ll meet at the church at 9 am and carpool to the museum.

Sign up on the bulletin board if you would like to join us. You may call Floyd Myers with questions: 804.980.6586.

A Table has vanished from the kitchen. If you have borrowed it, please return it immediately. We need it.

Valentines for the Homebound

The deacons are asking for your help to prepare valentine cards for our homebound members. They will place a bag in each classroom for you to fill with valentines for each of these special members of our church family. You may write a note of greeting on the card. Have your cards ready by February 12th.    Then deacons will make gift bags anddeliver them.

A New Caterer for Wednesday Dinners

The hospitality committee has found another caterer for our Wednesday dinners (Sharon). She will begin cooking our meals on March 1. We invite you to come and join in the fellowship around the dinner table on Wednesdays at 6:30.

We give thanks to Yossi who has been faithful in the preparation of our dinners each week for the last several years. He is closing his business and moving back to Israel.